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Welcome to Tiny Ogre Games!

December 10, 2014

Hi all!

Welcome to the Tiny Ogre Games development blog. Over the coming weeks and months we’re going to be sharing lots of insight, ideas, and general musings we’ve had over the course of our time running the studio – and perhaps even a little before that.

It makes sense to start with introductions. Tiny Ogre Games is an independent video game studio based in Loganville, Georgia, in the United States. I’m John Mooney, and I founded the company with my good friend Michael Krussel, whom I met in college way back in 1997. We’ve been working together for ages, too – across three jobs and two states. My expertise has been in iOS development, while Michael’s main love is Android. Coming together to form a mobile studio across both platforms seemed to make a lot of sense.

In fact, however, this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together at an indie studio. We previously worked together at Villainous Software, and in many ways Tiny Ogre is a reincarnation of that venture. We gained a lot of valuable experience at Villainous but our ambitions never quite matched with the practicalities of that studio. We’ve got new visions, and long-term goals now. We want to take our time with the games we create – ensuring each title is of the highest quality, rather than rushing straight to market. To our minds, this is a major pitfall of many mobile-focused studios, who churn out content at an incredible rate but never quite see the returns they hope for. Our plan is simple: focus on quality, and look to the future. Fingers crossed this will work!

We’re self-funded, too. Right now, we’re both working full-time jobs and making our own games in our spare time. This isn’t the end goal, of course, and this blog is in many ways an opportunity to walk you all through the process of going from a small start-up to a bigger operation. Let’s hope the coming months and years will allow us to do that. We’re quietly confident.

So, where are we right now? Currently there are two games in production. The Cookie Caper is a puzzle-platformer about candy. Because, well, why not? So many games are dreary and dull: we wanted to make something colorful, quirky, and a little bit silly. This is our main project right now but we also have another title, Tiny Ogre Slots, which is around 60% of the way through production too.

What is Tiny Ogre Games, then? We’re a small studio with big ambitions. And, over the coming weeks and months, we hope to talk about these ambitions a little more.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Speak soon!