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TinyOgreGamesstand-03-205x300Fee and Bill Minds collectively known as Feeble Minds was formerly one of the largest two-headed ogres in his tribe. While the other ogres played games on consoles with screens large enough for both heads to see. Fee and Bill clumsily tried playing games on cellphones with overly large fingers and heads fighting over who can see the screen.

Feeble endured much mockery over his foolish attempts to play devices clearly designed for a single head and human hands. However, he eventually resigned himself to playing consoles games. Bill was so distressed by this decision that would he just shut his eyes in disgust, leaving Fee to play alone.

Fee was deeply saddened by Bill’s relative absence. Half an ogre’s video game enjoyment came from fighting with the other head. In addition the other resumed their mockery by chanting, “One-head! One-head!”

At this point, Fee too, began to despair. He lost his best friend and he was still considered a fool. There seemed to be no winning.

Eventually, a traveler from another tribe arrived. Vu and Do or Voodoo an ogre shaman, proposed a solution that Fee and Bill could agree on. Voodoo would practice an experimental spell on Feeble that would reduce him from feet to inches, making it possible for Feeble to play mobile devices. Despite the risk of an experimental spell, Feeble readily agreed.

The spell was a success Feeble, and could comfortably play mobile games and the mocking faces of the now-larger ogres could now be imagined as benevolent, and their laughter merely sounded like rolling thunder.

At last, Feeble could play in comfort and peace.